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For over 35 years, Calvert’s Plant Interiors has an unparalleled reputation for providing and caring for interior plants throughout the OKC metro and surrounding areas. 


Interior plants add beauty, improve productivity and provide a healthy work environment. 

A green wall (also called a living wall) is a vertical planting of greenery that creates a unique design element to any space. Green walls offer a live plant solution for spaces with little or no floor space. Our green walls can be installed on virtually any vertical space. 


               In addition to the aesthetic appeal, a living green wall can reduce noise levels in an interior space and studies have shown the placement of plants in an indoor environment can improve air quality and employee productivity. 

               Calvert’s Plant Interiors is considered a green wall installation specialist. We are experts in designing, installing, and caring for living green walls across the state. We offer both live plant green walls and replica plant green walls. 

We Build and Install Green Walls. 
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