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Trend Alert: 6 Styles of Pottery You Need Now

Hi everyone!

Well, it finally happened. Summer is here! After our banner year with rainfall, it seemed like the sunny days would never get here. This part of summer is usually a very tiny exhale for us at Calvert's - we're still crazy busy, but we've finished doing Spring landscaping and are gearing up for our Christmas season (yes, we know it's July!不 But that's when our Christmas season begins... look for more in an upcoming post!)

I wanted to dedicate this post to pottery pieces that we currently have in stock - keyword is currently because these beauties are in high demand and literally flying off the shelves (hopefully at low speeds so they don't break). I personally love stocking up on pots in the summer months to use outside, and then it feels like I'm redecorating when I bring them inside for the colder months! Let me introduce the 6 summer all-stars :

The Ultimate Blank Canvas

1. White

Apparently there are hundreds, maybe thousands of hues of white. White pots are great because they let whatever is planted in them do all the talking. The plant gets the spotlight, but best in supporting role definitely goes to the pot, especially when they have fun accents like dimples, ripples, spikes, and geometric angles. Oh, and white goes with everything. EVERYTHING!!!

Our squatty rectangle filled with Vrisea bromeliads

2. Plant Stands

Perhaps the biggest thing to happen in the plant-holder world this year has been the plant stand. It elevates the basic floor plant to a design piece, I can't get enough of them. This is just one that we have, but we also have different shapes, colors, sizes, and different leg styles and finishes. Fill these with one plant or make a statement like above by packing it full of breathtaking color.

3. Wicker

A tisket, a tasket, everyone is loving these wicker baskets! Don't you love how designs come full circle? In the 1980's, wicker was everywhere, and then it slowly crept away only to be found in your Grandma's house. As well as being wonderfully neutral, wicker and other woven materials add an organic touch to decor. We have multiple sizes and shapes of all things woven.

4. Neutrals with a pop

I talked up our white pot selection (and I will never say no to a white pot), but some of us just can't resist color. Color can lend a lot of design power - it can accent & reinforce your room's color palette (like the cobalt on the pot above), create a focal interest, and also add some fun. Our neutral pots with a pop don't always have stark colors, some just boast serious texture game (like the geometric pot pictured). When filling these pots, it's best practice to choose a plant with simple foliage for balance. In this case, the pot does the talking and the plant is the beautiful co-star making the pot look even better.

5. Heavy Metals & 6. Concrete

I'm lumping our final all-stars together because they are so similar in application and versatility. As you can see, we keep both of these styles of pots outside our showroom (not because they can't be used indoors, but because of their sheer size; they can get pretty huge). These pots are meant to weather outdoor conditions as well as be a stunning piece in the interior. The Heavy Metal tall square pictured (top) can be a real showstopper with a statement plant, like the large agave we have in it now, but can also stun with blooming plants. Concrete operates on the same wavelength - a really popular outdoor look for the Concrete is to have a tall statement plant like a date palm with colorful under-planting. In both the Heavy Metals & Concrete we have literally every combination of size and shape you can think of (bottom pic is just a taste of all the different concrete styles we have). While the Concrete is limited to one cast - flat, matte, looks great in modern design - the Heavy Metals come in a lot of different colors and finishes.

We thrive on making your pot and plant dreams a reality; if there's a special pot you desire, we can special order it for you with our exclusive access to some of the best pottery brands in the country. We carry upscale pieces that you won't find (or be able to find) anywhere else in the state. Thanks for tuning in to this trend alert, and please let us know if there's more trends you would like to see in upcoming posts. We love you, OKC, thanks for letting us make you a little more beautiful.


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