You're a Dracaena!

You're a Dracaena!

You're sitting in your living room one day thinking, "my house looks great, but something is missing".  Man, you need some plants!  Did you know that NASA studies have proven that plants are good for people--they have so many benefits!  They enhance your living and working spaces, are absolutely fabulous at cleaning the air of chemicals that leach out of building materials like carpet, paint, etc.,and just plain look good by adding that final touch to your indoor decor.  

So by what criteria do you judge a good houseplant? They should be easy to take care of, not fussy about watering or feeding, can take a range of indoor light levels especially lower light, aren't bothered by a lot of pests, and fit in to a formal or elegantly tropical space.  And, not shed their butts off like those silly boston ferns!  Sheesh!  Are you going to have to buy a greenhouse to keep all these different plants in?  What if there was just one kind of plant that could do all this?

Wow--there is!  Dracaenas can do it all.  What a wide-ranging family of plants. Bet you didn't know they also make very good dance partners.....

You may have already heard of Mr. Corn Plant, aka Dracaena Massangeana (hmmm sounds like it grew up on a southern plantation)

How about a variagated version of the corn plant without the tall canes--then you have Mr. Giganta--ooh la la!

Here's miss prim and proper Janet Craig 'Lisa': straight and tall, dark glossy green leaves, fits narrow dim spaces, need I say more?

Cousin Mr. Warneckii with light green and white striping, available in a tall form or a short bush.

Need more color?  Try Warneckii 'Lemon Lime'.

'Limelight' is a bright yellow-green. (no, it's not sick)

Dracaena Marginatas have long narrow thin leaves that are available in various variegations, elegantly drooping with boldly swooping or upright canes.

Marginata 'Tarzan' looks like a marginata on steroids with their wider leaves and beefier appearance.

Dracaena Reflexa has shorter bushier leaves and can be found in plain green, stripes of yellow and green, or light and dark green.

Janet Craig Compacta has shorter dark green leaves--either upright like the regular form or more of a curvy shape (ooh what a character you are).

So many dracaenas to choose from--maybe you want them all!  In a pinch, they'll even stand in for your Christmas tree.

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1. Anne Calvert wrote:
Very informative and fun too.

Thu, November 30, 2017 @ 10:34 PM

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