Stylish succulents to make your sexy sweetie smile....

Stylish succulents to make your sexy sweetie smile....

Or, sexy succulents  to make your stylish sweetie smile.  Valentines Day is just around the corner.  Warm, cold, warm, cold, does this describe the weather or your relationship?  Well, nevermind.  Don't think you have to wait till spring to liven things up.  In case you haven't heard, a plant group known as succulents are the latest and greatest thing being rediscovered.  They are easy, worry-free, accessible, versatile, and dare I say thrive on neglect. They can also be: colorful, sculptural, textural, touchable, interesting to look at, and almost can be considered a work of art and treated as such.  

Ok, ok, what makes them easy? Such an ambiguous word.  And versatile?  They can fill a niche in your decorating needs in almost unlimited ways--bound only by your imagination. A succulent could be defined as a plant that stores up water in its leaves,thereby giving it the ability to withstand that month you forgot to check on it, so it didn't shrivel up after all.  Now that's easy!  Guilt-free!  Go ahead and take that Valentines getaway.  Your succulents will hold down the fort while you're gone. 

So I'm going to tell you about 3 ways you can use this wonderful group of plants to enhance your home or office.  Understand that each application can give you months of  enjoyment, depending on how you want to integrate the plants into your home.  So it's better than cut flowers; they only last days.  Better than plastic--real is more fun.  Go crazy!  but follow a few simple guidelines and you won't be disappointed.  

The first way might be the most fun and definately the most creative.  Go outside and look under your trees for an interesting piece of wood.  Look in your closet for a hat you haven't worn in a decade.  My point is you can decorate any object that hot glue will stick to.  Start with a 2", 3" or 4" succulent, remove it from its grow pot.  Shake out the roots and the soil to expose the plant stem.  Then with a sharp scissors cut off the roots leaving only the stem.  Apply some hot glue to the cut end, and affix to your chosen object. Or skewer onto some floral wire. Play around with stones, crystals, bits of moss, until you see the desired effect. Because they store water in their stems and leaves,even if you ignore your creation it will  look good for months. If you are able to spritz it with water now and then, so much the better.  

The second way is to group a selection of succulents together in a decorative cachepot.  This could be a ceramic container purchased in a flower shop, or even a coffee cup you don't use anymore.  Remember that this type of container has no drain hole, so you must water sparingly.  On the other hand, your succulents that you planted into it still have their roots attached, so they can take up water as needed.  The brighter the  light they are placed in, the longer they will stay looking good.  Use the pinch test to tell when they need a drink: if the leaves still feel stiff and plump, ignore them for a few weeks and then check again.  Depending on the size of container,  you might use a turkey baster to distribute a cup or two of water around your pot.  Top your pot with some aquarium gravel or other decorative stone for a finished look.  

The third way to treat your succulent collection is what I would call "plant geek" style.  Find a pot with a drain hole in the bottom, use a good cactus mix potting soil as you would with a cachepot, and plant as many  as you want in your container, then top with pea gravel or other decorative stones.  Now your succulent pot can go outside to your patio in the warmer months to keep you company while you sip that much deserved glass of wine after a long days' work.  Hot summer weather means you might water it once a week; rain showers won't hurt it because you used a fast-draining cactus type soil in your pot.  

So go ahead--indulge in some sexy succulents and give your sweetie something to smile about!

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1. Roxanne Marshall wrote:
Thank you for posting this creative and informative article.

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