Get your green on!

Get your green on!

                                                                                                   The other day I had a customer come in who wanted to purchase a house plant to take along on a road trip.   He said he wanted to make the air in his car healthier and more pleasant to breathe…I got the impression it was going to be a loooong road trip.  Hmmmmmm.  So of course I conjured up an image of a nice agreeable peace lily, outfitted into a baby seat, waving in an open window, saying “are we there yet are we there yet?” Say whaaaaaa….  Unfortunately I had to warn him about the effect of hot sun magnified through a car window would fry the plants he was interested in.  And if he stopped for lunch, he would have to take the plant with him or the heat build-up in the car would be just as disastrous for his plant as for a child!

Let’s leave the green friends back at the house to hold down the home front.

Where is this all leading?  September 15 marks the beginning of “National Indoor Plant Week”.  Its purpose is to raise awareness of the many benefits of including tropical plants in your indoor environment, wherever that may be.  Just to name a few; plants can actually remove toxins that could be given off from paints, fabrics, etc.  They release oxygen while taking in carbon dioxide, making your rooms smell fresher.  In an office, they give you something to take your eyes off the boring cubicle walls.  In your home, they can add a dynamic or relaxing accent.  More personality than a new couch!

“But so many plants, so many containers, how do I decide?   I’m stressing out!”  Well don’t get all upended about it, cause that’s where we come in.  After you look at some generic pictures of houseplants and wonder how they could fit into your life, our professional designers can personalize those plant experiences to create a look all your own.  Or come in to browse around the greenhouses where our plant specialists will answer your questions. We have several plants staged in various containers to help get your ideas flowing.  

If you want to start small, you could get your feet wet, so to speak, with succulents.  Cute and petite enough to tuck on a windowsill, admiring the colors and textures in their various shapes.  With some decent light, they are super easy to take care of.  Even more colorful are the bromeliads.  In a few weeks we will be getting a huge new shipment for you to choose from. 

In honor of National Indoor Plant Week, adopt a green friend! Come in to our showroom the week of Sept 15 through the 20th and say you read about Plant Week, and we'll hand you a free baby succulent, while supplies last. 

And if you'd like to learn more about indoor plant week, go to  


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