Take a small step toward spring.

Take a small step toward spring.


        I’m sure by now everybody is tired of winter; tired of this back and forth weather that just won’t let us move on to spring.  Even if Mr. Weatherman is not going to cooperate by giving us what we want, I have a solution that just might perk you up.  When you think of spring, don’t you imagine new growth—baby leaves popping out everywhere?  Well guess what?  Orchids come in “baby sizes” too!  And before you just get all intimidated and say you can’t “do” orchids, these little guys (girls?) are not to be feared. 

        Look at the difference in flower size     and leaf size when compared to a “regular” orchid.  But these babies are not going to grow up to ever be big.  They are a naturally small variety that will fit on a windowsill, or anywhere else you need a touch of spring color .

        For less than a grande latte and a bag of treats from Starbucks, you can get your feet wet, so to speak.  They have tiny flowers  in delicate spring colors, little baby leaves, and two flower stems.  And they are just so cute!  (Raise your voice up 3 octaves when you say that!)  They fit in the palm of your hand.  Everybody who sees them just coos and ooohs over them like a newborn baby.  But unlike a baby, they don’t ask for much.  A little water when they feel dry and they’re good for a few days.

        But what’s really fun about these is how versatile they are.  They play well together in many containers.  Here are babies in a boat and babies in a mini stock tank.  Here’s a baby all by itself dressed up in a ruffly pot. They play well with a still life,  or other little plants.  They’re perfect for these terrariums,     mixed with some easy-care succulents and small bromeliads.  Adorable!

        So if you’re ready to kiss winter goodbye, take a “baby step” that will surely make you smile.

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1. wrote:
Great blog, makes me want to visit from s. Carolina .

Thu, March 28, 2013 @ 1:41 PM

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