I'd like to give the world a plant

I'd like to give the world a plant

I’d like to give the world a plant
To keep it company.
With fresh green leaves, perhaps a flower
Brings benefits you’ll see.
They clean the air, improve your mood
It’s proven to be true.
They take bad compounds from the air,
Leave oxygen for you!

In case you didn’t know, plants can do more for you than sit in a corner or grace your coffee table. When they’re in your home or office, they’re working hard for you!


Dr. Bill Wolverton, a former NASA research scientist for twenty years, did studies using houseplants to remove indoor air pollutants. These pollutants come from the materials in our homes and offices (such as carpeting, sheet rock, etc) and the chemicals used in the manufacture of these materials. He found that the plants can absorb toxins through tiny openings in their leaves, and also through their roots. These toxins contribute to what is known as “sick building syndrome”, and can cause a wide range of human health issues; such as allergies, headaches, skin irritations, and even nervous systems disorders. He has written two books about the subject: “How to Grow Fresh Air—50 Houseplants that Purify your Home and Office”. And “Plants: Why You can’t Live without Them”. To read more about which plants are best at this and what chemicals they remove, follow this link.http://bayeradvanced.com/articles/5-benefits-of-houseplants


One or two houseplants per 100 square feet (a small room) can make a difference. Many plants in the dracaena family (mass cane, Janet Craig, Warneckii, marginata, will fill the bill. Also peace lily, spider plants, pothos, and sansevieria can do their part. Here are some pictures of these plants, to help you identify them when you go plant-shopping.

These plants, starting from the top and then left to right are: janet craig dracaena, bamboo palm, pothos ivy, sanseveria, peace lily.


So to raise your awareness of how much plants can do for you, Calverts is giving away some baby versions of two of these this week. Come by the greenhouse to adapt your life-saver, while supplies last!

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