Are you melting? These plants won't!

Are you melting? These plants won't!


   Top Five Plants & Flowers to Beat the Heat 


    Fire up your grill, because summer is in full swing here in Oklahoma.  The weather man is predicting less rain and more sun for the next few months, so grab your sunglasses and head outside.  It's easy to beat the heat by splashing around in a refreshing pool or enjoying an icy glass of lemonade, but plants tend to suffer in the southern sun.  Luckily, we have the solution to scorched landscaping: five plants and flowers that can beat the heat!

    1.  Oleander 

    If you're looking for a plant that not only thrives but blooms in the summer heat, oleander is your best bet.  Oleanders flower in a variety of bright colors, from reds, pinks and corals to yellows and whites, and are a quick and easy way to create a vibrant outdoor space.  They are easy to care for, and generally only need to be watered every other day during summer.  In Oklahoma, the plant can thrive all the way through autumn.  In mild winters, they can live to the next season.  In this case, the blooms need to be snipped off.  The bare stems will soon sprout new blooms, because this plant continuously produces beautiful flowers for its entire lifespan.

    2.   Agave  

   Another great plant for summer time is agave.  Not only is the plant adapted to summer weather conditions, but one variety can be used to make tequila!  The appearance of the plant is unique and unlike any plant found in Oklahoma.  The spiky leaves can bring beautiful sculptural foliage to an outdoor space, while also adding texture.  We get agave plants from multiple sunny states to offer our customers many different species.  For  example, the octopus agave has long, wavy leaves that add a whimsical aspect to an out door space.  An Americana agave adds a pop of yellow to your landscaping.  As the seasons change, the plant will remain the same vibrant color.  Agaves needs to be placed in full sun, so your outdoor patio or by your pool would be a great home for it.  The plant is incredibly drought tolerant and needs to be watered once a week or less.  Agaves can live indoors too.  If potted and brought inside, the plant can thrive for about a month.  Give it a bright sunny window, and it will be happy much longer.

    3.   Portulaca    courtesy of    

    Portulaca, also known as rose moss, is another perfect example of a flower that can survive the Oklahoma heat.  This annual flower is so well adapt to the environment, that it is actually grown right here in Oklahoma.  The vibrant flowers are usually seen in shades of pink, orange, red, and yellow, and will continuously bloom all summer.  What a great choice to add to a lush landscape!  Portulaca is the most drought tolerant "trailing" flower, which means the plant's stems grow long enough to cascade over its pot.  This plant is low maintenance and only needs water every few days.

    4.   Date Palm  

    If you are looking for a long-term plant that can live more than ten years, consider date palms.  It will instantly turn your outdoor space into a tropical paradise.  While there are many types of palms, date palm is one of the best choices for Oklahoma's climate; the light and airy palm fronds can withstand the raging winds of Oklahoma with ease.  The plant thrives in both sun and shade, and is the perfect choice when choosing plants to pair outside of your front door.  We get this easy-to-care-for plant from Florida in order to bring our customers the best quality palms in the country.  If taken care of properly, date palms can thrive for years.  They will do best if protected from hard freezes.

    5.   Bougainvillea  

    Bougainvillea is a popular plant for the summer time, due to its shocking pink color.  But it comes in other colors too!  However, don't be fooled into thinking that the color comes from the plant's flowers.  Instead, they sprout "bracts", or leaf-like structures.  The actual flowers are small and white, but really pop against those bright pink bracts.  bougainvillea love to soak up the sun, so place them by your pool or on an outdoor patio.  During the colder months, bring the plant into the garage.  It will lose its petals and color, but will spring back to life when placed back outside in the spring.  In mild winters, with extra care, bougainvillea can continue to flower throughout the season.

    Stunning plants and flowers are a quick, easy way to add visual appeal to your patio, pools, and outdoor areas.  What's even easier is having Calverts do all the work, and you get the credit for having a green thumb.  Stop by our greenhouse to find the outdoor plants just right to spice up your outdoors. You're going to love the look of your outdoor living space, and so will your friends and family!

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