Fall Color with Air Plants

Fall Color with Air Plants

   Fall is in the air.  Summery and tropical décor seems out of place.  Time to change your décor, refresh your interior spaces.  Yes, there's pumpkins, mums, pansies, and cabbage to put in your yard.  But how about an idea for adding just a touch of fall color to your orchid  and succulent bowls?  If you've never met the family of air plants, you're in for a treat.

   The tillandsias we have at Calverts are in the same family as Spanish moss.  In fact, Spanish moss is a type of tillandsia.  They like warm, humid environments, in places where they can hang and grow up and along the trunks and branches of trees.  They thrive in places of frequent rainfalls and get their nutrients from the debris that falls on them.  Translating this to your home setting means they practically take care of themselves!

   We have various shapes and sizes of tillandsias available year round. They range from tiny to quite large, and their leaves often have a fuzzy soft texture.  And now that it is fall, you can see some that especially could enhance a color bowl in your home.  How about a little touch of orange and red?  We even have some tipped in black, that might inspire you to create a one-of-a-kind Halloween arrangement.  I think these soft-leafed tillandsias tipped in red are especially attractive. 

Here are a few examples of designs using tillandsias.  They lend themselves well to the humid environment of a terrarium,  or they are perfectly content to be placed anywhere with and orchid.  Here two xyrographicas grace the ends of a long bowl.  Tillandsias also combine well with succulent bowls or driftwood arrangements.   And these air plants are super easy to  take care of.  All they need is a good misting once or twice a week, or more.  I've found that the smaller and more delicate their leaves, the more often they need to be misted. 

   Tillandsias are a versatile and elegant way to add a touch of something different to your indoor décor.

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